Cheap Outdoor Seat

Bargain time if you are after a cheap Outdoor Seat for this Spring. The one pictured below is at a cracking price of under £10!
Under £10!

It boasts a Wipe clean surface and comes complete with a mesh pocket on the back of the seat. As you would expect for a seat destined for the outdoors it is of course waterproof.

Now if portability is the thing you after a slighter more expensive Beach Seat coming at £19.95.

This Chair has foam arms, folds up into a handy carry bag and as you can see the seating level is quite low. A low seating position is the perfect position to enjoy the great outdoors and allows you to lounge in comfort!

These are rumoured to be very comfortable and stable, the low seating position is also if you do not have a table as you can use the floor to reach for drinks.


Grab a bargain today and be sure to add us to your favourites we will be reviewing the best Outdoor Seats as we move into summer. Lets all hope the weather gets warmer and improves a lot!

Outdoor Furniture Sale

Well it is that time of year again where outdoor furniture shoppers and outdoor furniture stores try to match up and offer the, consumers are looking for best prices and the shops are trying to convince them they are.

Of course that all changes on Boxing Day when you can expect to find some absolute bargains when looking for garden seats, garden chairs and deck chairs in what is traditionally a clearance period in the outdoor furniture industry.

The theme continues as we move on to the New Year in what is sure to be a good year in the Garden Furniture January Sale.

Outdoor Seating Update

Our intention is to become the definitive source of everything to do with Outdoor Seating. We are an independent site so will be featuring reviews of companies, should you wish to leave a review then every post has a comments section please leave any feedback there.

Our eventual aim of course is to list all the companies in the Fashion area. It is not just this though we will also be looking for the best shops and stores that are likely to give you the best deal on Outdoor Seating in Fashion.

Just to be clear Outdoor Seating is a fairly generic term and our musings are likely to broaden slightly further into discussions on Garden Chairs, Benches, Gazebos etc

It seems currently that there is a great way to cut a few pounds of a price when shopping for anything these days and this is by looking discount codes, they are a great way to save money. To that end we will be looking at any Outdoor Seating Voucher Codes. As well as keeping an eye out for any great promotions, sales or clearance that the various stores and shops like to run.

Outdoor Seats For Sale

We thought it was about time to start looking at specific outdoor seats and where better than to grab a few of the better bargains featured on a very famous retail site.

We start with an Outdoor Seat Cushion suitable for most hammocks and at £12.99 is not a bad price, it will need a seat cover but if your old cushion needs a repair then this is ideal. Next up is a Three Seater Swing Seat Hammock which comes complete with a Spare Canopy Cover, Part No is GGOSWING1, then is a childs seat, the Geuther Highchair looks a steal at under £36. Moving right up in the price bracket a high quality outdoor seat in the form of a Solid Hardwood Swing Seat.

Ourdoor Seating and the Janaury 2012 Sales

The Sale Season is about to start and it is likely that consumers will enjoy something of a Outdoor Seat Sales bonanza given the state of the UK economy.

Retailers that have not had strong sales in the run up to Christmas traditionally look to offload stock in the January Sales. Outdoor Seats shops will quite probably prove to be no exception. It is normally Boxing day that sales start and will run until the end of January or at least until Outdoor Seat clearance stock is sold.

With the rising popularity of voucher codes then when looking to buy a Outdoor Seat it is well worth looking around for a good Promotional Code which will allow you save even more!

Our advice is the same as ever research online then armed with intelligence on prices and product either ring up or even better visit a Outdoor Seat shop to get yourself a deal. We are not advocating a dutch auction when buying Outdoor Seats but balance your negotiations to reflect a fair price and where you will get a decent service and good quality product.

Garden Chair Ideas

I thought I would do a post around shopping for Garden Chairs hence the title of the item Garden Chair Ideas.

Broadly speaking the chairs shown are a good cross section of what you can expect to find when looking for garden furniture. We have of course looked at the materials used in Garden Furniture previously.

There is nothing quite like wood however it does have to be maintained and painting a garden chair with creosote is not a five minute job. I had to do this last year and it takes an extreme amount of time as you have to make sure you cover the chair all over.

Plastic of course is normally maintenance free but often lacks the character of wood, well lets us be more precise there is no comparison end of story.

Another popular choice of course is wrought iron but again you have an issue with maintenance and rust is going to be a big issue. Another big downside with wrought iron is going to be weight, for example we often have outdoor parties so have to rearrange seats to accommodate differing numbers of people and moving wrought iron garden furniture is not for the feint hearted.

The styles on offer vary greatly as well. With plastic due to the flexibility of the material you can make so very out there designs. I you wanted to give this style a name I suppose it would be ultra modern.

Wood generally seems to have a more contemporary feel and due to exposure to the weather is often made from a darker wood like Teak. It is possible to source other woods but I think it is fairly safe to say that wooden garden furniture is generally dark.

Wrought Iron garden furniture can come in a variety of styles but I suppose the most popular would have to be the French style that is shown in the picture. Actually another style that is very popular these days is Shabby Chic which is lightly distressed to make it look older than the product actually is.

Well we hope that is help in your search for that perfect set of outdoor seats. There is a lot on offer and as we are now out of season for Garden Furniture and with sales about to start at the turn of the year you can actually grab a real bargain.

Outdoor Seats Buying Guide

A house that is enclosed by a garden is something of a boon in these times when it is a battle to find exposed spaces. To get the most enjoyment from your garden it is essential to pick the right garden furniture.

There are many items you could choose from when it comes to selecting furniture for your outdoor area. Large gardens can easily accommodate luxuriant gazebos and ornately designed seats. However, such gardens are rare in contemporary gardens.
A lot of people will not have the room to allow for such large pieces of furniture.

This why outdoor seats are so popular as they are the simplest way to make the great outdoors part of your everyday life. Historically most people had to make do with simple and often uncomfortable benches made of either wood or concrete. While these could be sometimes attractive and charming, there was not really much in the way of choice.

Recently the amount of outdoor seats you can buy have increased dramatically and they now come in a great variety of materials, colours and styles. Modern outdoor seats you have a wide choice of material on offer as you can have seats made from plastic, aluminium, wrought iron, bamboo and steel.
  • Wood – Looks great but can wear easily.
  • Aluminuim – Weather resistant but easily damaged due to being light.
  • Recycled Plastic – Not only quite a green material but is durable and can be made to look like wood

Halfords Discount Code

Welcome, its time once again to update on Ourdoor Seating related news. This time we are looking at a Voucher Code for Halfords Website.

This Discount Code is for the All items on the Halfords website including some of their camping gear. Halfords are well known for motor spares and bike equipment..

Outdoor Fireplaces Maybe

It has been a while since we entered anything about Outdoor Seat on this site Outdoor seating and garden furniture. We are still here though and will soon be coming up with some reviews all about, well, what you expect, Outdoor Seat. Over the last few months we have been busy with other sites such as Stone Fireplace store where we discuss the best place to buy Fireplaces.

True Shopping have a fantastic garden and outdoor section on their website which includes benches, seats and chairs. Their range includes children's furniture, rocking chairs, love seats and swing benches.

Unfortunately there seem to be a few negative reviews around, mostly regarding poor after care and customer service including missing instructions with some products.
The positive reviews focus on the good value and quality of the products.

Next up will be M&S Garden Furniture looking at one of the big retailers in the UK and what they can offer.

Garden Furniture Good Websites

We would like to become a directory of good gardening websites so though we would start with Garden Furniture 4U.

Garden Furniture 4U - Pretty Basic Website and prices do not seem to keen however there is a great selection of products on show, and they do have a comprehensive range of outdoor furniture as well as quite a range of furniture for the conservatory.

Could not find any Garden Furniture 4U reviews anywhere on the web which is a worry in a way.

Next up will be trueshopping seeing what they can offer.

Looking After Garden Furniture

Faded wooden garden furniture this is a common problem so how is it best to repair the damage. This is article I was reading the other day and thought it would come in very handy as we go through winter.

It is very easy to treat outdoor wooden garden furniture with the wrong finish which results in the finish peeling off. Here’s a few simple ideas to get your furniture looking great again.

First you must wet the surface thoroughly and then apply the Net-Trol which can be diluted up to 4:1 ratio depending on how dirty or faded the deck is.

Leave it for about 20 minutes and then give it a quick light scrub with a stiff brush. (Follow instructions) Rinse off thoroughly with a hose or better still a power washer at low to medium pressure. When fully dry, your wood will be back to how it looked on day one, amazing but true! If you spot any rust present near screws etc, spot prime before going any further with a drop of Owatrol oil and let dry.

Next, to keep them looking at their best with a nice natural look, you could apply something like Textrol, a clear, anti-UV penetrating oil that is easy to apply. Let the wood dry out fully over three or four average drying days. Just two coats wet on wet one after the other and you end up with a lovely natural looking matt finish that will not peel or flake. Wipe off any excess and do not allow it to pond.

If you are really fussy, you could apply several coats of Deks Olja D1 that penetrates the wood deeply and leaves a nice, matte finish. This stuff is used a lot on wooden boats. If you want a highly durable, yet flexible glossy finish, apply a few coats of Deks Olje D2 afterwards.
For a completely modern or different look, you could also use a “stain” of any colour oil based paint, gloss or matte mixed up to 40% with my old favourite all-rounder Owatrol oil as mentioned in this column last week. In that case a 4:1 wash with Net-Trol will suffice just to clean the surface before staining. This durable finish would be expected to last up to 6 years or even longer without any peeling or flaking. This type of finish would be very easy to wash if needed.

Hope that is of use to someone.